The location of a business is a major factor as it can make a huge difference to its success. A business’s address is a key factor in the way that business is perceived as it influence a business’s ability to market itself. There are certain questions for which one should get clear answers.Question 1: Are customers available at this location for my product or services?Recently done research proves that these days, companies prefer to go to customers, instead of getting customers to them. The huge popularity of corporate hubs and commercial business centres in Delhi and other metro cities is a proof of the same. At busi... Read More

Why do you go to the office? Obviously, work is one reason, but what makes you willing to go to the office. Isn’t office chats one of the reasons? Office chats are an integral part of the office lifestyle. Be it gossips during the coffee breaks, or chats on messengers while working, office conversations are fun and important. They are important to improve peer relation at workplace.We at HuntOffices, decided to find out the most common topics of office chats, and did a survey on it. We were happy to know that workplace chats are not limited to sales figures and achieved targets. People have other peppy topics to talk on and make workplace fun for themselves. Here are our findings, check out which ones you re... Read More

Bangalore is already the favourite business location for IT based companies in India. Growth of IT hubs like Whitefield and Electronic City have made the state even more suitable for business activities. Both MNCs and start-ups look up to the South Indian state when it comes to choosing a business location. The state truly justifies the name “Silicon Valley of India”.Apart from the popular IT hubs, there is one area in Bangalore, which is growing at a fast rate as an upcoming business hub. It is the Outer Ring Road stretch between Read More

Planning to buy new office furniture? If yes, do you know what exactly you should look for in your new office furniture?While you should have an idea about topics like knowing the right office chair for your physical health, you don’t have to brainstorm a lot when it comes to choosing your office furniture. Keep it simple and make sure that it matches your office interior and benefits your employees.Check your PocketA lot depends on your pocket. You may feel allured by the options you see in the market. It is suggested that you make a budget plan, decide how much to spend on furniture and then go f... Read More

We all would agree that verbal communications are anytime better than those in written form. Communication becomes clearer if the visual element is added. Video conferencing allow conversations, which are almost like live conversations. The technology has become the latest trend in telecommunications.Video conferencing is taking over because of its many advantages, especially in the corporate world. More and more companies, big or small are adopting the method to carry sound communications within their respective business networks. Here are few ways in which video conferencing may help your business.It saves the cost of travellingWith the economy being globalised, travelling becomes mandatory to grab new business opportunities. You... Read More

Virtual offices have changed the way we see business. This concept is most popular among small and growing businesses. Businesses enjoy the benefits of a prestigious business address of the virtual office and save on various overhead charges. In addition, they get virtual office services like secretarial and business support services. Along with all the benefits, office staff can continue to work remotely. While working from a virtual office, you need the following tools in order to increase your work productivity and efficiency.Get Google!Who does not know Google apps! No, we are not ta... Read More

In today’s market, where Business Centres and Shared Business Spaces are spacing out the trend of traditional office set-up, there are cases, where choosing a shared office space is not really a game changing thing for you. When this corporate hub promises to offer you variety of facilities and services, there are many things which are not informed until asked. Once you have discussed the same, ask:Space Setup Cost:When you are giving the space requirements, do not forget to include the facilities that you need while sitting and working at the desk. You need to be aware of how much is your business’ space requirement and at what should be t... Read More

College is always fun, but what to do once you graduate? This question is quick to arise in your mind. Colleges do provide placements. However, not everyone has the same opinion. Some would want 9-6 jobs, some want to join politics, may be media, and others would like to start their own business. College is the best place to start thinking about this, as you have enough time to plan.Have a start-up plan, get your friends into it and find how you will take it further. If you don’t have an idea to start, then follow any of these. They’re easy to start, manage and can give you great returns.Shoe Wash CompanyPeople are now more conscious about the way they look, from head to toe. Clean shoes are a major priority for many... Read More

India is set to become the youngest country within the next 5 years. While every third person in India is a youth, the good news is that the youth is all geared up to make India the new arena for start-ups. New graduates from engineering and management schools look forward to start their own ventures and become entrepreneurs rather than taking up the conventional job route. This has led to the emergence of a number of new start-ups and businesses across various industrial verticals.The ScenarioThe statistics as per a latest survey by Mancer Consulting, an executive search firm show that the number of young entrepreneurs coming up with their own start-ups, instead of goin... Read More

Every company looks for right office interiors that can improve productivity of the employees. But, there are few companies which are taking this exercise quiet seriously and welcoming the new concept of Open Office Layouts. Many of the ad agencies across the world are promoting the open door policy, see why!No Cubicle StructureUnlike the traditional setup of offices, where managers and above get their well-designed cubicles, Open Office Layout provides same seating arrangements to all. Starting from the CEO of the company to the most junior employee, everyone shares the same space and work sitting next to each other. The BBDO India chairman and chief creative officer (CCO) Josy Paul said, “Great ideas are shaped by people and ideas become better if... Read More

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